White Wind Tribe

In Mayan: Ik

Right middle finger

Action: Communicate      Power: Spirit             Essence: Breath

Opposite to Yellow Human

Support to Red Earth

Occult Partner to Blue Storm

Guide to some in the White Worldbridger, White Dog, White Wizard and White Mirror tribes

White Wind is a correlative to Red Dragon, father sky to her maternal womb. When we are born and take our first breath, we meet our father and his domain of oxygen. For the Maya this parental orientation means that the father is equal to the mother in divinity, and different. While ‘matter’ in its etymology means ‘mother,’ the White Wind aspect of the sacred world is the invisible one, the space of spirit. It is the breath that moves our body and the air current that moves the trees. We know its presence mainly through its impact.

White Wind looks a lot like some of our attributes of a patriarchal god overseeing the physical world from far outside it and this is actually in harmony if we also acknowledge the feminine deity who either holds us like the earth itself in closest contact. We can appreciate the balancing properties of White Wind and appreciate that it hovers like a cloud layer, or a band of heavenly creatures, or a sky god from any of the pagan religions: Zeus, Mercury, Horus, Thor. To be White Wind is to honor the legacy of great male spirits that have guided and inspired for millennia, ones pure in heart and integrous in action.

White Wind people have attributes we associate often with fathers, a quality of physical absence – at work in the field in an indigenous culture, or at war – coinciding with etheric presence. Wherever a White Wind goes, they’re there ‘in spirit.’ They don’t seem to ever entirely materialize. This lends a very spiritual ambience to their words, actions, personality. They can be also in their heads, feeling less than ruminating, rolling concepts over with forethought and afterthought, slow to act except in speech where they can expound and lecture with their endless strength of breath. Their attention is on the vast emptiness of the sky, as much as anything occurring in the earthen realm, and yet they see the space within people that matches the heavens. Focusing on the spirit within others, of the spirit within every material object, they bring expansiveness wherever they go. They force people to experience separation, and while that can feel like abandonment in strong doses or long stretches, it can also free us as needed space.

White Wind’s action, is to communicate. Their tendency is to talk a lot in some situations, to say nothing for long spells as if their spirit has levitated to a higher plane. What is spoken by a White Wind will often sound like a sacred offering from somewhere beyond. They listen less to you in return, as to a far off source for further instruction or insight. Their attention is hardly on humanity, instead upon the unseen world which is abstract or ether, and what they want to communicate is just that, the simplicity or nothingness that is much larger than what we build within it. They would rather talk than touch most of the time, but to be intimate with them is to feel their representation of the spirit world, that they emanate its infusion as a holy resonance field.

White Wind’s power is spirit. It has a direct link to a sky god, a heavenly spirit, or a numerous crowd hovering there. White Wind teaches us about this spacious place, its sacred messages, the sentiment of simplicity and quietude. They are like the best walking ghosts, not fully enlivened or fleshed out but helping us to be less dense, overpacked with tension and holding, as they pass by or through us. This tribe can be hard to pin down, not pay close attention, come and go like the wind, but we feel them even in their absence. Their spirit is larger than their physical body, envelops us even at the edges of their vast soul expanse. They may never show up face to face again after a first meeting, but are still unforgettable.

White Wind has the essence of breath. It represents the influx of something divine to fortify a physical world. White Wind people will move as slowly as the pace of stable breathing most of the time, with occasional bursts of exhilaration or invigoration. They cannot sustain anxiety-fueled panic states for long without an inner death that looks like them disappearing, stopping everything to recalibrate. Their gift is to draw others around them to synchronize with the slowing, calming rhythm they hold, with their concern only for what’s most essential.

White Wind is opposite to Yellow Human. Being human is flesh, and many tales of suffering. Being spirit is everything beyond the body and separated from both its pain and pleasures. In obvious ways these two tribes are at polar remove from each other. But they need each other. A human requires breath to live. The wind needs its invisibility to take shape through the physical form it influences. White Wind people will resist the brazen and fallible free will of Yellow Human days and people, in so many ways self-centered and unholy. As a delegate of the sacred fatherhood you have to man up and be parental, infuse dense and intense beings with precious breath and space so they can feel divinity return to their bloodstream. If you move away from humankind through isolation, only air, you deny your purpose of communicating spirit’s message.

White Wind is the support and similar to Red Earth. Both are basic elements: body and spirit, planet and atmosphere. Red Earth helps White Wind draw down and find any momentary rooting, a landing spot from the cruise over airwaves. The planet simultaneously moves through outer space like it’s sailing on a wind current, and so they have this constant seeking, roaming, spinning motion in common. They would both like long drives, is how that plays out in real time. They would both like any intimation of flight, of being on a current or oribital trajectory. They would both like grand themes of history and science and the sacred mysteries. Neither is limited to animal form, and both host animal kind in its vast expanse. They are like esteemed colleagues of the most natural world.

White Wind has a mystical, occult relationship to Blue Storm. Wind moves the storm, a combustion of fire and water in the sky, so that its intensity can be dispersed, exhausted. If Blue Storm is a kind of traveling omnipotent transformation, White Wind is the helper agent to direct it to those in need. In life, White Wind is the both the message and the messenger from god; Blue Storm gets people’s attention to listen. It’s a blast, a breakthrough, and then the human requiring change of heart, spirit, attitude is opened enough for the wind to penetrate. They are both strong forces, one that tends toward invisibility and the other that blackens the sky into one swarming shadow. They create so much kinetic upheaval together, a blockbuster fire-show and flooding that takes wide territories, but were humans not affected it would just look like the grandest, purest magic. White Wind and Blue Storm relationships are thrilling but hard for those around them. They can’t go on forever at that fever pitch.

If you are guided by White Wind, you like to talk at length or be totally spare with your words on the topic of your own tribe’s passions. You are led in life by the desire to provide paternal guardianship, most often by thinking things through slowly and thoroughly, sometimes by going away to see that the remote edge of the territory is secure. You are drawn to the space between objects, whether it’s wild nature or separation from intimacy. You are led by messages from spirit to convey what you hear to others.

White Wind people:

Sting – White Magnetic Wind (portal)

Antonin Scalia – White Lunar Wind

David Fincher – White Electric Wind

Cher – White Self-Existing Wind

Aleister Crowley – White Overtone Wind

Woody Allen – White Rhythmic Wind

Courtney Love – White Resonant Wind

Bono – White Galactic Wind

Angelina Jolie – White Solar Wind (portal)

Nick Drake – White Planetary Wind

Eminem – White Spectral Wind

Rosie O’Donnell – White Crystal Wind

Björk – White Cosmic Wind