White Spectral Worldbridger

10.21.20 – Day 11/13 of the Yellow Warrior wavespell * Self-Existing Moon 4

Interesting time to revisit the larger picture perception of the ancient Mayan people. 10.22 is Blue Crystal Hand, the same Tzolkin day as 12.21.12, the heralded, hyped Mayan prophecy day that was claimed to offer nothing remarkable. Let’s see what unfolds within this day. Let’s pause, too, to review the last eight years since the ballyhooed winter solstice came and went without incident. Hasn’t life started to lean toward end of the world scenarios, just a bit? And even though the Maya were not talking about apocalypses, more like the transit of world ages and new apertures of enlightenment, we can see that something is brewing in resurgent darkness before we can break with a new dawn.