White Spectral Dog

10.20.21 – Day 11/13 of the Yellow Sun Wavespell – Self-Existing Moon 3

The Yellow Sun wavespell peaked yesterday when the wave was at its highest ascent. Now it breaks, in a day, fast and full of disoriented free-fall. Spectral days always bring a state of undoing, control-cracking, breakdowns that help us ultimately relax and return home. They also redirect us to the opposite tribe – energy – of the last ten days, and sometimes we can palpably feel he relief and balance that opens up, as well, with this wave-collapse. To be seekers of enlightenment in the Yellow Sun way, to be ascetics and have spiritual focus and fever, sometimes mean placing emotional ties, sentient relationships, aside. Then comes the White Dog day, returning us to human-animal connection, dearness and closeness and a different kind of warmth than white-heat god-centeredness. We’re at that day, that moment, and hopefully your rarified views of self, of life, are balanced and calmed by having mammalian love and attachment return.