White Self-Existing Dog

9.30.21 – Day 4/13 of the Blue Hand Wavespell – Electric Moon 11

Mercury Retrograde is a surrounding affirmation that per Mayan time we are back in the seat of Donald Trump’s personal astrology. He is a Blue Electric Hand, and we have entered an epicentric orientation to both his tone and tribe as we move through the Electric Moon and the Blue Hand wavespell concurrently. It’s worthy of our awareness simply because he is a historic figure. We’re living through the indecency of his influence, one that will be recorded in textbooks to catalogue the cultural shift he instigated and the fervent resistance he inspired. The Blue Hand wavespell is also described as a time of Healing, which is not obvious with Trump as exemplar. But we can get farther than his own limitations will ever lead him – past thinking we know everything, beyond the fixation on accomplishment and being rewarded, lauded for it. We can get to the end result past these more egoic practices and find resolutions in our relationships, meeting of individuated minds, connection that is shown in the gesture of using our hands to reach out, touch, hold onto one another.