White Rhythmic Worldbridger

12.20.20 – Day 6/13 of the Red Dragon wavespell * Rhythmic Moon 8

The Red Dragon wavespell is a birth portal – something is coming that has been living, evolving inside you for the past nine months. Male or female, you can connect the Tzolkin to the gestation in humans and know that you participated in the creation, conception of new life a long time ago – late March of this year – and now it’s awakening, ready to stand on its own apart from you. The stretch of 13 days to accompany this birth is auspicious: let it be languorous, or arduous, because it represents a giant accomplishment or advancement. It’s not quick and easy, or fast forgotten. The impressiveness, the impact of this time is to make sure you understand the grandeur of what has come through you creatively. And mid-wavespell, you may not yet even know what’s being birthed – the gender reveal, the genetic attributes, the health and vitality of that passing through you will be clearer in the next days.