White Rhythmic Dog

12.19.21 – Day 6/13 of the Red Serpent Wavespell – Rhythmic Moon 7

We’re halfway through the portal days of the Red Serpent wavespell. Think of them as energetic doorways where there have been walls, or as if a thicket of obstruction has been cleared. We just walk through. Sometimes there’s velocity in the vacuum force pulling us into the opening, and that can be intense, disarming. Sometimes it’s just like the best moments of moving through cultural bureaucracy, when things work and you feel fluidity and ease. If you prepared yourself, you know the limitations of Red Serpent and are able to make the adjustment into limited visionary awakening, lessening of sharp analytical capability, and are just enjoying being close to the earth, adept at survival because you are so focused only on it. The portals help us shed our old, worn snakeskin, and we can in actuality really thrive in the process of losing that old constriction.