White Planetary Wizard

12.23.21 – Day 10/13 of the Red Serpent Wavespell – Rhythmic Moon 11

It’s John Lennon’s Mayan birthday. I think a lot in the Red Serpent time about survival, the base instinct of a reptilian existence that drives life, and makes fixated self-preservation possible – not distracted by overly imaginative thoughts. It’s a thrill to feel safe in the Red Serpent surround, ‘I will survive.’ John Lennon, born in the Red Serpent wavespell, did not. He was murdered, and we were all caught off guard as he was in that moment. Each day of a wavespell – each person born on such a day – serves the tribe’s intent. White Planetary Wizard is the peak of the Red Serpent wavespell, the highest point of its power of survival, but it’s also when the journey of ends. When the maximum energetic force is beat back by something much larger and impregnable. So John Lennon survived the loss of parents, the trauma of childhood, the demands of fame, the disintegration of his band of brothers, the reflexive judgment of the fanbase, all of the cultural fixation…and then he succumbed early to death. His planetary influence as a wizard-shaman lives on.