White Resonant Mirror

3.22.21 – Day 7/13 of the Yellow Human Wavespell * Solar Moon 16

We are now in the third week of the Solar Moon, situated in the West, where the element is water and our associated emotional changes. It’s intense, transformative and a plunge into darkness: the West is colored Blue for the falling night sky. Watch the fast action acceleration and accomplishment of these next few days. Meanwhile, we wend our way through the Yellow Human reckoning, being seated in our species – a home base – instead of allowed to shape shift into other animals and elements represented by the other nineteen tribes. Humans are fallible – ‘human error’ – and humans exercise free will which seems to be a kind of repudiation of parental divine will, a rebellious streak to resist guidance and go our own way. These are challenging parts of the Yellow Human time. The good news is that humans are great at ideas, innovation and achievement. Inevitably, right now, you are getting something done.