White Resonant Dog

8.26.20 – Day 7/13 of the Yellow Seed wavespell * Lunar Moon 4

We’re in the Lunar Moon which has an interesting dichotomy of hardship and ease. The difficulty is that we’re in a Blue Storm year and being shown what about that tribe is shadowy, dark, torrential. There is an uptick in chaos just to remind us we’ve entered the catalyzing transformation that precedes the return to sunshine – a way of describing enlightenment. There’s no way to cruise through the varying upheaval that kicks off this distinct year. But the Lunar tone is also a gateway to understanding the ways that we suffer, the obstacles that arise, the truth that some portion of life is always laced with suffering. We can examine that concept exponentially right now, a Lunar Moon within a Lunar year: the polarization of what we find easy from what we find difficult, the light side of the moon and the dark.