White Planetary Wizard

4.7.21 – Day 10/13 of the Red Serpent Wavespell * Planetary Moon 4

Today is a Planetary day in a Planetary Moon – you have an opportunity to feel into that intensified energy field and understand what this tone is about. It’s a lot about being here on the planet, not off in disassociative highs that feel like outer space. It’s being solid and dense, stuck here without means to fly away or blast off. It’s a time of fruition for the whole year’s slow build that started last July 26. We are getting to our peak moment of accomplishment and growth and learning in this Blue Lunar Storm year. Take note that April 12 on the Gregorian is called the ‘Galactic Return’ because it’s 260 days from the start of the year. You can anticipate that in 5 days we hit Blue Lunar Storm again and the year’s energy is amplified by cycling back to this same point we began from. Lots of layers to follow the portal days we’ve been plunged through.