White Overtone Worldbridger

7.28.21 – Day 5/13 of the White Wind Wavespell – Magnetic Moon 3

The White Wind wavespell has gotten a bit buried by the storyline of a new 13 Moon year, but we can revisit it now the hoopla of the transit between years has abated. And notice that this whole Yellow Electric Seed year is held within the White Wind wavespell. When we consider Yellow Electric Seed, when we live from within its purview, we are seated in the White Wind tribe and its impulses. Truth is one factor of White Wind, and archetypal fatherhood and male aspects of being in the world. The words of the spirit world, or Great Spirit, travel on White Wind’s currents and communication, spoken aloud, is one of its manifestations. See what you’re saying right now, and hearing. Your words and those around you are iterations of otherworldly influence and direction. And allow the days to be full of chatter, ramblings, connection through conversation. It’s how we fill the absence the male archetype brings, ever so busy in an ancient world away from us.