White Overtone Wizard

6.6.21 – Day 5/13 of the White Dog Wavespell * Crystal Moon 8

The shadow of White Dog is that we are inclined to vie for our status in the pack, face off with those who try to out-alpha us, and either show our preeminence or get our ass kicked in the contest. Also the raw vulnerability of leading with our heart increases the possibility – or likelihood – that we open ourselves to attack, hard edges of life’s routine meanness or else the sharpened blade of someone making a focused attack. I forgot about this side of the coin when I invoked how love-centered the White Dog time is. It’s also got hatred, the antithesis of heart opening being an iron-clad wall, a steel fortress, or the shards of someone else’s broken heart that they weaponize to retaliate against what has traumatized them. White Dog, the wavespell, can be a weave between extremes, a taste of each. If you haven’t gotten to the pure love flow of being dog-like, of being the ambassador and embodiment of love and loyalty, fight for the open space and the nature vibe that invokes it.