White Overtone Mirror

9.18.21 – Day 5/13 of the White Wizard Wavespell – Lunar Moon 27

This is a White Wizard wavespell within a White Wizard wavespell. We forget that the largest wavespell we track – over 13 years – is also White Wizard. It began July 26, 2019 and has certainly ushered in enchantment and timelessness – the dark spell of Coronavirus and the time warp of quarantine. We revisit this grand larger cycle with a much smaller, condensed version, but you can let it lead you back to bigger picture perspectives. What began for you in the White Magnetic Wizard year? What challenges are you facing as identified by the last Blue Lunar Storm year? Now we are in the third year of 13, Yellow Electric Seed, and on the verge of amplifying its tone by entering the Electric Moon. We are discovering how we can best be of service in this long 13-year wave. Let the ascendency of White Wizard break the hard cycle of the last Lunar year, this Lunar moon that looms like a last gasp of all that challenge.