White Solar Wind

9.22.21 – Day 9/13 of the White Wizard Wavespell – Electric Moon 3

Today is a portal day. We won’t have many for a while, or in frequency, as we are in the outer periphery of the Tzolkin, working out way slowly to the high frequency days that sit in its center columns. Today is a ‘man’s’ day, celebrating the masculine archetype of White Wind, the breath that we take when we meet our father coming out of the womb. White Wind is a lyrical way to portray the absence of men – the physical absence to war or hunting/gathering in an earlier age – like the invisibility of the wind. You can’t see it, but it’s there. It is because the male principle is at the edge of the territory we occupy, safeguarding there, that we can spread out our feminine family-building and social center. Don’t let these archetypal characterizations be gender identification. Men and women are not the same as the qualities of masculine/feminine. In an ancient Mayan gaze, women began creation and men greeted the child secondarily. Absent but resonantly present. We have these halves in our whole being: a physical, visceral gestation through intimacy and fluid exchange; a watchful spirit that is both detached and peripherally fixated on what will make birth safe, what will sustain those first transitory breaths. It’s just one of the special, specific dichotomies the Tzolkin leads with. And we return to this union of parental forces each time we begin again.