White Magnetic Wizard

4.12.20 – Day 1/13 of the White Wizard wavespell * Planetary Moon 9

Today is the ‘Galactic Return’ of our 13 Moon year. It’s 260 days after the new year’s day, July 26, 2019. So it’s the same Tzolkin day, White Magnetic Wizard, which is also what our year is named, and represents for its entire 365-day run. Today is a kind of the first and most prominent manifestation of White Magnetic Wizard in our lives – personal and collective. Then we have the rest of the year (105 days) to live in the beyond-manifestation, an exploration in essence, afterbirth and how we are in turn affected by what has grown to such grandeur. White Magnetic Wizard, the year, leads a 13 year wavespell that is oriented to White Wizard. Today is a White Wizard day in a White Wizard year in a White Wizard wavespell of 13 years. Be shamanic, be timeless, be enchanted.