White Magnetic Mirror

4.11.21 – Day 1/13 of the White Mirror Wavespell * Planetary Moon 8

It’s a remarkable moment, the eve of the Natural Time year’s ‘Galactic Return.’ Every April 12th, or Planetary Moon 9, is 260 days after the start of the Mayan year. July 26, 2020 was Blue Lunar Storm and so our year is named – it holds the energy of that day for its entirety. April 12, 2021 is also Blue Lunar Storm, so it’s both the birth of something that was conceived on that first day, as well as a microcosmic augury for us to discern what this surrounding year is about for us personally and collectively. I thought it was helpful to be reminded that Blue Lunar Storm lives within the White Mirror wavespell. That gives an additional perspective on why this year has been both challenging and chaotic, relentlessly churning and forcing us to confront both our weaknesses and strengths. It’s situated in the time of sacrifice. Sacrifice is a sacred offering, but it also feels like heartbreak and loss. This White Mirror wavespell will at minimum remind us of the truth that when things are torn away from our grasp, we can open ourselves more easily to the god force.