White Magnetic Dog

9.15.20 – Day 1/13 of the White Dog wavespell * Lunar Moon 23

Don’t lose this opportunity to experience the epicenter of Lunar tone activity. Tomorrow is a Lunar day, Lunar Moon, Lunar year. You can augur the surrounding year, even the 13-year wavespell we’ve entered, by tuning into the layered frequencies of the amplified Lunar tone: polarizing, stabilizing, challenge. In shorthand, this Lunar moment gives name and clarity to the problems in our lives, which is a way to begin to solve and resolve them. We’re not flying blind into hardship; we’ve been exposed to difficulty for a while, and now we’re able to see its size and shape so that it doesn’t overwhelm us. We can work from the clarity of our Lunar challenges as they arise right now to enter the next phase of using them to strengthen us and grow.