White Magnetic Mirror

12.27.21 – Day 1/13 of the White Mirror Wavespell – Rhythmic Moon 15

We’re entering one of the most essential and culturally alien sectors of the Tzolkin. White Mirror is a euphemism for the human sacrifice ritual that the Maya are infamous for – and possibly why they are rejected from a rarified role in the enduring canon of world spirituality. Obsidian rock was used for the blade that cut the heart out of a sacrificial victim, and it’s what people polished to see their own reflection. We are in the White Mirror wavespell and it’s the ancient time of ritual sacrifice. It’s watered down in our modern age to be an iteration of what that sacred act offered: confrontation of fear, reduction of all extraneous focus, ascendance to an otherworld, charged with divinity. We will have our versions of losing what we’re grasping, and our own importance. We will feel immediately in the space that has been cleared of material attachment a greater connection – a pathway – to the heavens. It’s the usual ego shattering arc: we let go of control and we gain access to god. So your work this wavespell is to allow the fear and loss to arise without resistance. It’s organic, timely, sacred.