White Lunar Wizard

10.24.22 – Day 2/13 of the Red Skywalker Wavespell – Self-Existing Moon 7

We are spaced out and sleepless this wavespell. If our thoughts are dreamlike all day – expansive, exotic, imagination-driven – then why do we need time to dream at night? We might be less physically active in the daytime because we’re not sleeping well, but somehow our psyche is still amassing its free-play, its ability to adventure, whether or not we log a lot of REM hours. Sleeplessness contributes to spacing out, dulling the edges of our intellect and blurring our visions as though we’re inebriated. That’s the Red Skywalker gestalt: a pseudo-psychedelic experience that allows us to act as prophets for a spell. Trust what’s being dowloaded; it’s from out there, a place that’s immaterial and non-linear but as vital as this earth space. We need an infusion of beyondness, untethered intuition and wild tripping every so often. We need it now in anticipation of some very heavy wavespells ahead.