White Galactic Worldbridger

3.10.21 – Day 8/13 of the Blue Storm Wavespell * Solar Moon 4

It’s not easy in the convergence of the Blue Storm wavespell and the outset of the fiery Solar Moon. You might feel tossed into chaos by wind and driving rain (blast of communication conflict and feelings of sadness, grief), while at the same time watching the temperature get hotter, the speed of life’s swirl increase to the point of recklessness, loss of control. This is not a time of peace and harmony, except for the strength you can find inside to bear what is challenging you and demanding versions of surrender. I’m not sure when these demands of our resilience will abate – it’s hard to see the end of a storm when you’re in it. Just know it passes, and the ensuing return to light, clarity feels sweeter for having lost it for a while.