White Electric Worldbridger

8.22.20 – Day 3/13 of the Yellow Seed wavespell * Magnetic Moon 28

We close out the Magnetic Moon – the first 28-day segment of our Mayan year – just as we start the 10-day portal run housed in the Yellow Seed wavespell. There’s also an immediate transit to the second, Lunar Moon, which reflects the overarching Lunar year: Blue Lunar Storm. The portals intensify and open our lives, and there’s a hint of the future as move through them in this Yellow Seed time of starting at the very beginning, the dense, potent basis for all further growth. The Lunar tone is more the identification of challenge than the indication of it. We’ve been directly challenged since the Magnetic year that recently ended. But now we are fortified to understand the challenges that have already occupied our lives, we begin to unthread their hard and haunting aspects from what is our strength and prevailing purpose.