White Electric Worldbridger

5.9.21 – Day 3/13 of the Yellow Seed Wavespell * Spectral Moon 8

First of ten portals today. Yellow Seed portals are different than Red Serpent portals. I may not say right now how I think they differ, to see if it’s the same every cycle. I just suggest you break each day into a portal experience all of its own, as a beginner it’s probably easiest and I’m leaning myself back into beginner’s mind to see what new learning lives there. The portal is so profound on its own, and to have ten in a row means we can really study its art, impact, implication. Look for the moment when the wall becomes a door. This doesn’t have to be the most profound piece of a portal day – the interaction, the lesson, the illumination. Rather, it’s just the most portal-y, the gateway moment, when you feel the actual shift of reality, from blocked to open.