White Crystal Worldbridger

3.15.20 – Day 12/13 of the Blue Eagle wavespell – Solar Moon 9 *

I have had some ‘big picture’ insights this wavespell which I focus on in this latest episode. They’re perhaps a bit ‘out there’ as any eagle appears at the highest loft above earth, but I indulged my self-expression from deep within the isolative stance that is also very Blue Eagle: social distancing is another description of birds far off in flight. The Solar Moon we’re in is very much a time of light-speed evolution, everyday acceleration. We are reminded to consider the implications of this White Magnetic Wizard year drawing in all its karma and challenge for the next 13. Right now, in the Solar tone, the year’s focused purpose is our fixation: untangling from the dark enchantment of ill (I’ll call them patriarchal) forces in our global culture.