White Crystal Dog

3.14.21 – Day 12/13 of the Blue Storm Wavespell * Solar Moon 8

Onward into the Solar Moon of fiery, earned intentionality. We have waited all year to be this prepared in terms of knowing what we want, how we plan to attain it. We burn bright like the sun in showing plainly our desired outcome. Alternately, we are just completing the Blue Storm wavespell where light is lost to dark clouds and deluges of rain. Maybe you got disoriented or oversaturated in the time of the sky’s upheaval. Maybe you felt people personifying chaos, exploding under pressure around you. Maybe you were that person who lost control, had to purge tension through anger, upset, grief. The Solar Moon made the Storm faster, stronger, more intense – and there’s no prognosis for anything particularly slowing or de-escalating soon. Be brave, be still in your movements as you’re carried away by the acceleration underway. All you can do is ride this light-speed ascent.