White Cosmic Worldbridger

9.26.21 – Day 13/13 of the White Wizard Wavespell – Electric Moon 7

The White Wizard wavespell gives way to Blue Hand. These tribes are occult partners, so watch a kind of mystical seamlessness as we flow between them. The shaman uses hands to heal, is inherently analytical in helping others through spells, tinctures, incantation. There is a lot of data processing in overseeing someone’s return to wellness. We are switching from the timeless, formless reverie that makes a shaman unable to regulate everyday life, instead turns to vaster topics and truths, and lives apart from the tribe in service but also isolation. Now we will see the process, progress, as we handle the task at hand. It could be direct healing, ourselves or others, or it could be creative productivity, making things. White Wizard still hovers as a spiritual partner to this wavespell. The glyph of White Wizard depicts god’s eye. The glyph of Blue Hand depicts our own. We take the host of spiritual insights from the last wavespell’s arc into our own mind and vision. We know enchantment, and we act on it.