Blue Storm Wavespell

Originally published in 2009!

 Self-Generation – Catalyze – Energy

Blue Storm is one of 20 aspects celebrated by the Maya as day names around which to orient their spiritual life. The glyph image is one of the most detailed, but its complexity tells a simple story. Clouds gather at the top, the condensation of rain at its center. A lightning bolt streams down the right side and curves toward earth or a being on it. The rainclouds also look like an eye, the circle at the center its pupil. The lightning line acts like an energy cord stretched to that other pure black spot, and we can each develop the metaphor as we intuit it. Is it the electric connection between self and other? Is it the physical, visual eye transmitting energy to an inner vision, metaphysical? Is this a cosmic storm, so that the floating dot in the bottom corner is planet earth being struck by starlight? When I was starting my study of the Tzolkin, I memorized this glyph by associating it with a basketball hoop and my own years under the net.

The Blue Storm glyph is as multi-faceted as the time it represents. It is just what the name implies, and you can rest there in your previous knowledge and experience of foul weather. This is indeed a moment when the heavens rain fire, and water, and human life can be inconvenienced by the necessity of the sky to release some of its own holding patterns. But where storms get a bad name is in the denial of their inevitable outcome: every time it rains – it pours – the aftermath is clean air, wet earth and pure sunlight. In nature’s laws, and in the Mayan count, Blue Storm makes way for Yellow Sun, and in this way is described as the transformation that precedes enlightenment. Keep that in mind if you are caught in the deluge: sun, and its warmth, vitality, life force, is on the other side of the dark, shadowy clouds.

The storms we have experienced these latest years of our march into global warming may or may not be in store for us this wavespell. The Katrina-scale wind fronts and flooding actually seem to have abated for this moment, to make room for different drama of global destruction. It’s our hallowed ‘free’ market economy that has twisted into a high-pressure downward spiral. We know that well by now, and even have the sense of the eventual sunshine, as our new president envisions it. But probably not in the next 13 days.

This Blue Storm wavespell is important because it is a microcosm of a Mayan year also called Blue Storm. It began on July 26, 2008 and lasts until July 24, 2009. We have been negotiating the kind of change that Obama espouses the whole time, and there is more in store. This wavespell comes midway, at the breaking point. We can tell from the inauguration that really things are breaking free. You are a microcosm of our capitalist society, of democracy, of the institutions on this earth that are being clarified by this yearlong storm front. In this wavespell, you will have your part of the bigger breakthrough, and invariably, as Obama intuits and the Mayan calendar asserts, your transformation will assist the resurrection and repair of our humanity. I know this because the wavespell that follows Blue Storm is called Yellow Human, as though it is through the sound and lightshow and torrential rain we are shaken and washed back to our simple essence of body and soul.

Furthermore, this Blue Storm wavespell is a microcosm also of your personal yearlong journey through the Blue Storm year. Whatever themes you began in August, have been negotiating through the fall into this present moment, will be intensified and magnified, and the transformation from dark to light will also be heightened, a sort of revving for the culminating moons (28-day months) that carry us to the year’s conclusion. If you need help finding the themes, think of the qualities of the storm itself: sturm und dram – or drama, seeming to spin in circles, loud outbursts, tears, tension and its release, making a difference.

If you have been tuning in closely to the wavespells, you may have some reservations. We just had a 13-day tenure through the White Worldbridger’s power of Death, and now the Blue Storm. Why do we need further intensity? Because it strips us of our will to isolate; we cannot manage on our own. Death and destruction band us together, and that’s a good thing, a god thing.

Coming back to the glyph, play with the image of the eye of the storm. As a person born into a Blue Storm incarnation, I have learned to tell my friends that the most dangerous place to be in proximity to me is running away or at a stiff arm’s length. Much better to get as close to my center as possible, which, as with all of us, is my heart. The time we’re in has the same invitation. Embrace the storm. Let the downpour power-wash you clean. Lean into the heavy winds and rest your spine for a while. If rain is god’s tears, have compassion for that deity, and those it mourns. You can’t be selfish in Blue Storm, for that is what started the whole weather pattern, all the bunched up egotism of the masses chaffing until it ruptured. So if selfishness is what’s being shattered, what’s to fear? Get close to the heart, the inner eye, and you’ll ride it out like the surfers who live for these swells.

Jose Arguelles chose three words to describe the Blue Storm. The power is self-generation, which is not, as noted, selfishness, but self-care and self-empowerment that makes for good citizenship in the collective. It is also a benediction, when our self is formed from the overriding kinetic power of god. We have been reliant, we have been sheep; at this moment, we are empowered with individuated virility, electricity, and split off from the divine source like forked lightning, carrying out the message and the mission.

The action of Blue Storm is to catalyze. Indeed. Look at this Mayan year, listen to the president/prophet and how he seems to speak our collective mind. We are moved and changed by a faltering economy, a failing class system, but these external anxieties are invitations to grow a new paradigm. Would we have thought as hard about global warming without Katrina? Would we want to curtail privilege and greed without massive joblessness stats? Would we have fought so hard for Obama without Bush and his Desert Storm? We’re back to the darkness before the dawn motif, forced and inspired to stomp our feet for warmth.

The essence of Blue Storm is energy, because scientifically a storm is the powerful interplay of tension and friction, molecules confined so close to one another they crack under pressure. Water rises, condenses and explodes. Nature’s orgasm. This time gives energy, releases energy, is pure energy that transforms.

Remembering White Worldbridger – Last Wavespell’s Learning

The White Worldbridger held the death of limitations, and it was perfectly represented the transfer of the presidency, and all it implied.

What limitations did you confront and overcome? What bridges did you build, or rebuild? How did you feel heaven stretch itself down to earth? What died in you that was no longer life supporting? Were you humbled?

Do you remember how you felt dead for a little while – a day or days? Then you were there, in the Tzolkin essence, as if it were real and not New Age hoopla J.