Red Spectral Skywalker

10.8.20 – Day 11/13 of the Blue Night wavespell * Electric Moon 19

The Blue Lunar Storm year echoes 1968, and the surrounding 13-year White Wizard wavespell was last experienced from 1967-1980. Think easily how experimental that era was, with exploding personal freedom and pushback against perceptions about morality, sexuality, psychology and spiritualism. It was a social revolution. Allow the echo of that to be coherent in your life now. We’re breaking through perception again, radically, coming into higher consciousness. Not into a field of light, but one of varied technicolor juxtaposed with pitch darkness. These are colorful times on the edge of a black void that we cannot fully fathom. But we’ll slowly shine our light into that unknown space. This larger view of what we are systemically enduring right now is meant to help you feel the importance of all that challenges you, scares you, is waking you up from collective denial.