Red Solar Moon

9.9.21 – Day 9/13 of the Red Dragon Wavespell – Lunar Moon 17

We’re coming up to the climax of the Red Dragon wavespell, its highest peak of accomplishment, its greatest reach toward the stars, its most stark demand on us that we are exposed to the powers of the divine feminine impulse that leads all creation. We can both feel the power of our feminine way – male or female in gender – and the forces that challenge or deny this entity of goddess in our culture, internalized in ourselves. Just notice, that’s the gift of the wavespells we undulate through. Of course we are affected by the lessons – emotionally, psychologically and beyond – but its worth remembering that we’re just riding waves, not the ones that caused them, not the ones that can flatten them for our own comfort or anyone else’s. It’s the time of exploring and accepting great feminine power, this moment so particularly as we reach the wave’s crest, and then like a watery explosion the power surge breaks – disseminating the lesson and also dissolving it. And the next wavespell teaching, the next tribe, takes us to our next awakening.