Red Solar Earth

11.1.20 – Day 9/13 of the Red Moon wavespell * Self-Existing Moon 15

The three days that accompany our American election can be treated in the Mayan indigenous tradition as deeply ceremonial, pivotal and the path toward union with pure light. Sunday is Red Solar Earth, instructing us toward actions that connect us to the planet’s aliveness, its vibrancy, letting that be our support and focus. Monday is White Planetary Mirror – a portal day – which celebrates the Mayan act of human sacrifice. You can walk into the rarified atmosphere of the top of an ancient pyramid in deference to all the ages and stages of human evolution where we have ceded our power, our actual lives, to the god force in the astral heavens. Then, with acknowledgment of earth and sky over two reverent days, we can enter the Blue Spectral Storm that holds the actual election. We can find our way to the center of the storm, in flight already rather than ripped from our roots and even torn apart by the larger forces of a volatile weather front. Wednesday portrays cooperation and pure light as the dark skies pass, the world is rinsed clean. I am not predicting a clear winner. I just think we can make anything meaningful if we follow the Tzolkin’s orthodoxy.