Red Self-Existing Skywalker

9.18.20 – Day 4/13 of the White Dog wavespell * Lunar Moon 27

Today is a portal day. It’s also 260 days after January 1, 2020. This Gregorian year, named for its first day on the Tzolkin, is a Red Self-Existing Skywalker year. That’s also Barack Obama’s Mayan birthday. And Bill Clinton’s. So the augury could be that it’s a Democratic presidential year. However, we were thrown a pretty dark shadow in the death of a liberal supreme court justice at the last gasp of this Lunar Moon, reminding us that every heroic, underdog victory comes after trials instigated by harsh fates and bad actors. We are in only the second moon of the 13 Moon, the second year of a 13-year wavespell. There is a lot that is challenging at each outset.