Red Self-Existing Moon

11.8.21 – Day 4/13 of the White Worldbridger Wavespell – Self-Existing Moon 22

It’s the final week of the Self-Existing Moon and time for a recap about what form your service is to take this 13 Moon Mayan year. You should be able to retrace the last couple of weeks and see opportunities and directions you were shown that fill in the blank of your specific offerings and actions of service. These really don’t have to seem like cliche acts of charity. It just means that your soul is destined to act in certain ways that are the fullest expressions of your gifts, and yes – others will benefit. Others benefit whenever we act in truth and integrity instead of self-denial and brokenness. So try to pay attention to what has amassed of the last two moons where service is identified then detailed. And get excited for the journey as it becomes clearer, nameable, a plan and a form for the rest of the unfolding year.