Red Self-Existing Dragon

11.10.19 – Day 4/13 of the White Mirror wavespell – Self-Existing Moon 24 *

Moving into the ritualistic and rarified space of the White Mirror wavespell, it’s helpful to have a humility about the time within the array of Tzolkin tribes most focused on personal sacrifice. It’s actually an exercise in heartbreak, while that doesn’t have to be a romantic rupture as much as simply coming to terms with what in our human dilemma cuts us most deeply and makes us want to evaporate into the heavenly ethers. You may face that in this time. Meanwhile, we’re wrapping up a detail-oriented moon of finding out what form our acts of service will take for the rest of the Natural Time year – ending July 24, 2020. Take note – and literal notes – of what the past 24 days have shown you pointedly as where to put your energy and attention.