Red Rhythmic Dragon

1.29.20 – Day 6/13 of the Yellow Warrior wavespell – Resonant Moon 20 *

It’s an emotional time, and not for the usual reasons. Yellow Warrior, as an archetype, actually suggests a guarded, unfeeling passage while we prepare for or engage in war. But then there is the battlefield itself, and bearing witness to inevitable violence, sacrifice and suffering. This can elicit tremendous grief. Most of us are caught in surges of defensiveness that can even turn acrid in aggression right now, but few of us are on the precipice of death. Yet we will see death from the sidelines, we’re certainly succumbing to that harsh reality and feeling thrown by the losses that accrue. Veer between resolute toughness and waves of devastation. But it’s all critical, demanding, rarified in the arisen war time, war zone.