Red Rhythmic Dragon

7.3.21 – Day 6/13 of the Yellow Warrior Wavespell * Cosmic Moon 7

The Yellow Warrior wavespell turns out to be full of war. That sucks. It’s not like we haven’t been steeped in polarizing face offs and open enraged conflict this entire Blue Lunar Storm year. So as we enter the Cosmic Moon it’s a perfect summation of the year – the final thoughts, the post script – that we would watch ourselves and others be quick to ire, offensive/defensive and inclined toward protecting our hearts with a shield instead of leading with them openly. Endure and Transcend, says the Cosmic tone, in order to experience Presence. Endure the infighting, the backbiting, the survivalist flares of temper as people try to save themselves from increased pressure, encroaching threat. Transcend by seeing the bigger picture surrounding us – climate catastrophes and the usual angles of greed and self-preservation coming from people in power. Where is your place in this human trauma? There is grace to be found. Maybe you have it easily, or you have to forge it daily, reinforce it against the enemy infiltrator, the energy field of destruction. Then you have a space that’s calm, inward, safe, so that your present moment is not only fraught, challenged, but also peaceful. Cosmic.