Red Resonant Serpent

11.24.21 – Day 7/13 of the Blue Storm Wavespell – Overtone Moon 10

The Overtone experience is one of empowerment, and it doesn’t go away once the tone shifts to the next, Rhythmic, and the next, Resonant, etc. It’s the wonder of the Overtone time that we simply emerge into empowerment – radiance – that will sustain us through the wavespell’s entire climb and the Planetary peak. We add things to our empowerment – Rhythmic order, Resonant psychic ability, Galactic integrity and so on – but we are meant to keep the power source that emerges from within, for the whole run. It’s like stoking an internal fire from ember to reliable source of warmth. What you may experience now as ease is a form of health and wholeness, when you find the inner combustion to come alive and aren’t dependent on other people or different outcomes, you’re purring along engaged with yourself and your power. It’s not power over others, just power within you.