Red Resonant Dragon

8.12.21 – Day 7/13 of the Blue Eagle Wavespell – Magnetic Moon 18

It’s a portal day, the last one until our final day of the Tzolkin, Yellow Cosmic Sun. Feel the intensity, the opening that a portal moment offers, and then find yourself in a countdown of sorts as we pass through the 20 tribes one last time this Tzolkin. Finishing a Tzolkin cycle has the same kind of slowed-down enchantment, an exhalation and celebration of the journey that we’ve been through, as when we complete the 13 Moon year. Take the torpor that’s offered, the lightness of spirit that comes from having shed layers in the churning demands of our own growth. The energy of resolution is usually one of slowness and peace, then in a new cycle there is acceleration and the discomfort of an undiscovered path laid before us. So enjoy the relative ease of this wind down, this last slide down the column of our 20 tribal stations.