Red Planetary Earth

8.28.21 – Day 10/13 of the Yellow Star Wavespell – Lunar Moon 5

We are almost to the end of the Yellow Star wavespell, but that climax is overshadowed by the simultaneous ending of the Tzolkin. In a few days we will begin the Red Dragon wavespell and the next 260-day cycle. You are in a metaphysical completion of a gestational phase that began in the last days of the Gregorian year 2020. What started late fall, in mid-December, that is finishing now? How can you feel the sea change of something that has been propelling you, growing from your creativity, coming to an end or decisive shift? Look around at your life – ‘good’ and ‘bad’, it’s the culmination of the last 260 days. While you were busy with your individual changes, a collective shift has also occurred. Late 2020 we were jovial and optimistic about a ‘new year,’ goodbye to layers of lockdown and one administration’s Machiavellian gestalt. But 260 days later, we’ve only been pushed farther into spiral of dismay, of a kind of doomsday. And maybe – the silver lining – out of denial.