Red Planetary Serpent

2.2.20 – Day 10/13 of the Yellow Warrior wavespell – Resonant Moon 24 *

The thickest Yellow Warrior rock wall is presented in the peak day of its formidable wavespell, and maybe in our bodies we are equally solidified instead of fluid. It’s been a ten-day stretch of wielding a shield over our hearts, and for some of us this kind of blocked energy feels cold, hard, like wielding a weapon where we would seek to love. It’s over imminently and the last three days of the wave form are a welcomed letting go, surrender of arms. Sometimes Spectral energy seems to rob us of our spoils, but instead it can liberate us from tightening tension, or rising too strongly in an ascent that is dizzying or even dangerous. The wavespell that follows is all feeling and watery emotion, liquid release.