Red Lunar Moon

3.18.20 – Day 2/13 of the Yellow Star wavespell – Solar Moon 12 *

In this podcast, trying to assess the global pandemic through the Mayan lens. The most obvious correlation is being in the Solar Moon – a fiery, driven, hyper-energetic moment where our spirits are soaring toward the sun in order to have our wishes and intentions heard by the ultimate source. We move at light speed ourselves and see it in the events charging and surging around us like solar flares. The Yellow Star wavespell is just initiated and I hope you can observe it as the finale of the Tzolkin cycle that began on July 13, 2019. A lot is changing here as we come to a resolution to the story that began last summer. It’s as if all the plot lines have to coalesce and make sense. Tragedy? Comedy? Happy ending? Stay with the beauty and inspiration a star offers and is arguably something everyone can agree on as flawless, resilient, a gem to reflect our own best nature and radiance.