Red Galactic Dragon

4.19.20 – Day 8/13 of the White Wizard wavespell * Planetary Moon 16

The White Wizard wavespell celebrates timelessness – the ability to feel the ‘now’ moment as expansive enough to include the surrounding centuries, not just the seconds or minutes of our unfolding day. So we’re a little stretched out and untethered to clocks and calendars and we would be even if our cultural orientation to schools and jobs each day weren’t out the window. We have triple White Wizard energy for another handful of days – a 13-day wavespell, 13 moon wavespell,  and 13 year wavespell all imbued with its celebration of shamanism. Let that depth of experience in healing, seeing, sitting in sanctuary fill you up, before it fades a little. It’s actually such a luxury to be disoriented and undriven by timekeeping, something we’ll miss when we wind up once more.