Red Electric Skywalker

8.9.20 – Day 3/13 of the Blue Monkey wavespell * Cosmic Moon 15

The Blue Monkey wavespell can be so fun and so free. Maybe the only caution is to not take that fun and freedom too seriously. Or expect that it can last. Or make decisions right now under the assumption this is how life is going to be from now on. Any childlike wonder, ease, lack of responsibility can be directly attributed to the wavespell we’re in – already 3 days gone – and when it passes we will have less access to some of these preferred states of being. Enjoy the access at hand, like a vacation that cannot replace the job we return to. To decide mid-vacation that we want to always be on vacation so we quit the job – or relationship, or move, or rewrite all our set plans in order to try to make this fun and freedom endless – rarely works out. But we can love this moment of unlimited movement – physical and spiritual. And rest from the usual intense daily demands that encompass adult responsibility.