Red Electric Earth

8.8.21 – Day 3/13 of the Blue Eagle Wavespell – Magnetic Moon 14

Blue Eagle is a solution-oriented experience, at best. Because we are so high in our minds, cut off from lower chakras and oriented to an overview perspective, we can see big picture ways through the hardships we encounter. Think of it literally: from above, high in the sky, we can see the way around obstruction that a small creature on the ground could not fathom. They see the mountain, the fallen tree, the waterway that blocks their path; the eagle sees the topography from such a larger perspective that they know the blockage is finite and how to avert it. This reflects how our mind has recognition of our personal history and having been in places of conflict or confinement in the past – that we have gotten around, outdistanced, resolved. And it shows us that now, in this wavespell, like a map: here is the way out or through.