Red Electric Dragon

11.20.21 – Day 3/13 of the Blue Storm Wavespell – Overtone Moon 6

The Blue Storm wavespell is a journey into awakening from denial. To start the journey, we have to discover what our denial is. For a 13-day Blue Storm wavespell, that’s going to be one important factor of our denial, not every last thread of it. If you’re uncomfortable at the outset, it’s because you’re shifting from not knowing to knowing, not feeling to full sensory recollection. The psyche is stirring, and so then the sky. Like the storm your feelings shake tension out of you in outbursts, your mind is stuck in dullness until it explodes vividly, and maybe grief outpours. Then the post-cry peace comes, and stillness, serenity – awakening. We have 13 days to go from one aspect to the other, and we can’t avoid the process upon us. Can’t deny it any longer, further.