Red Crystal Earth

6.14.20 – Day 12/13 of the White Worldbridger wavespell * Crystal Moon 16

It’s a portal day, and ‘magic turtle’ because the day’s tone matches the moon’s: Crystal. It’s been 20 days since George Floyd was murdered, and it’s an amplified day to gather in the White Worldbridger wavespell with its blatant theme of death. Culturally we have been talking constantly about death this wavespell – not letting it slip by unheralded, not allowing it to serve as a means to expunge a race any longer. The Crystal Moon to date has taken us out of our individuated selves and into a movement across the subcultures of our planet to unite people against brutality and discrimination. We’re only halfway through this epic moon of universalization, dedication and cooperation. How far can this surge of collective power take us?