Red Cosmic Skywalker

9.13.21 – Day 13/13 of the Red Dragon Wavespell – Lunar Moon 22

Red Dragon wavespell is over. Next. I have that feeling about it. It’s incredible and powerful to experience life through the lens of feminine creativity, of nurturing and motherhood, and it’s exhausting to feel the cultural shadow of misogyny that accompanies any passage through goddess energy. Especially during the Lunar Moon. Challenge identified. Challenge accepted. White Wizard – the wavespell – is actually something we’ve been living the last two years on a larger scale. July 26, 2019 began a 13-year White Wizard wavespell, and immediately introduced us to the Coronavirus. We can enter this 13 day wavespell as an interesting reiteration of the larger themes of our recent years. We can look for connections in ourselves to bigger picture views for what our life holds in the 13 year arc we are passing through. Hint: timelessness and enchantment are what Jose Arguelles described as White Wizard’s power points. You are in a timeless enchantment phase personally, we are in one collectively. And we will be for a long time forward.