Yellow Sun

Yellow Sun is the arrival in pure light. The earlier cloud cover and layers of denial and depression are removed. There is the joy of a sunny mood, the feeling of being sun-kissed by the [...]

Blue Storm

A storm may be feared for its violence and unrest, but it can also be revered for the clear skies that come in its wake. In Blue Storm, we can regard the transformative upheaval in our lives from [...]

White Mirror

White Mirror is an astounding energy, honoring the Mayan ritual of a priest cutting the heart out of a sacrificial victim. The White Mirror teaching for modern times is to interpret the legendary [...]

Red Earth

Red Earth is the celebration of cycles, of evolution, for this planet is always alive and changing. We recognize earth not as a dull mineral mass but as an entity alive with friction, evaporation [...]

Yellow Warrior

Yellow Warrior is the celebration of war and the organic importance of conflict, even violence, in the greater scheme of a full life experience. We settle into a fight that will ultimately bring [...]

Blue Eagle

Blue Eagle celebrates flight, but not necessarily as pure freedom. It’s solitary somewhere high in the sky but offers a great service from the remote vista, watching over us in nearly [...]

White Wizard

White Wizard is a generalization of the Mayan jaguar shaman, the tribal healer who wore the fur of the great cat with the stars on its back. White Wizard still holds this feline energy, but it [...]

Red Skywalker

Red Skywalker was, for the Maya, the honoring of corn, the main ingredient of an abundant life. Stretched high to the sun, corn has tremendous height, a tight vertical channel between sky and [...]

Yellow Human

Mayan cosmology gives humanity a place in the circle of life, but does not put it at the center of all creation. Here we are equal to the sun and the snake; there is no food chain hierarchy, [...]

Blue Monkey

Blue Monkey celebrates the active imagination of a child’s mind, right before the development of heavy cognition and mental hijinks move us incrementally out of our hearts. As the [...]

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