Cosmic Tone

The final tone sounds like a tripped out state of mind expansion – an edit is. But it’s more authentic to see the word origins of ‘cosmic’ as being ‘of the [...]

Crystal Tone

The Crystal tone is named for how certain molecules bond when there are ample enough in play, the one way minerals can grow like seeds. When we return to sea level from a wavespell’s surge [...]

Spectral Tone

The Spectral tone is the cataclysm of the wave arc, the chaos that comes after a slow, forceful rise. Every aspect of nature will hold an apt metaphor for this moment of quick-change, because [...]

Planetary Tone

In the Solar tone, we move at the speed of light; the answer to our prayers comes immediately – in the Planetary tone. Our wish is made to the sun and returned to the earth where it can [...]

Solar Tone

In the ninth tone, we make our prayers straight to the sun. On a journey toward a sacred summit of connection with god, we are now close enough to make our wishes known. The wave we’ve been [...]

Galactic Tone

The eighth tone attests to how, through this infusion of celestial energy, we have become more like the cosmos ourselves. The word ‘galactic’ is a direct reference to the Milky Way: [...]

Resonant Tone

The Resonant tone makes us deep channels, open and receptive to energy and messages that pass between sky and earth. Ego continues to drop away as we rise to higher altitudes; as our wave rises, [...]

Rhythmic Tone

The sixth tone describes the way we pace ourselves once our purpose and power are in place. An irregular or arrhythmic heartbeat is unhealthy; a steady pulse that strengthens us is ideal. [...]

Overtone Tone

The first four tones of a wavespell are the foundational work. If we use the picture of an ocean wave, all the growth is below sea level. In the fifth tone, we suddenly feel free of the [...]

Self-Existing Tone

The fourth tone is originally a reference to the Buddhist principle of standing apart from dependency and the suffering all attachment brings. When we are Self-Existing, we have personal [...]

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