Red Moon Wavespell


Universal Water – Purify – Flow

Red Moon is one of 20 aspects of our environment celebrated in the Tzolkin (soul count) 260-day calendar. The Red Moon glyph image is of a moon, certainly, but not necessarily looming in the sky. Rather, it’s reflected in water, a pool or inlet, even a vertical surge that also makes the picture look like a tower. The essence of this time is not the stillness of water, but its movement. We associate Red Moon with water because the moon’s proximity to earth pulls at all fluid states in our atmosphere – tidal surges, yes, but also the water within us. We are water towers, in truth, with our bloodstreams, pools of tears, other emissions. We are gravitationally held to the earth’s surface but also pulled by the moon upward, all that spinal fluid and the way the texture of our brain is described as a sponge. Our moods are influenced by the liquids racing through us, responding to the moon in its phases, bulging more extremely when lunation is at fullness, or new.

The Red Moon wavespell is about water, and you will want to steep in it, watch it roll, revere its flow as you discover it in nature – or at the sink faucet, which we forget is as miraculous as heavy surf, Niagara Falls. But as much as you are watching water move, you are moving water, and our emotional response to the moon’s orbit is the heart of this time. It’s 13 days of P.M.S. that everyone can participate in.

That said, P.M.S. is not just overeating and ill humor, but the depth of emotion that comes from letting death pass through you. Women bleed an unseeded egg, and through menstruation feel in their bodies the broken heart of losing a chance to create a miracle. There is appropriate confusion and disappointment, a sense of purposelessness, and the pain of letting go of the most natural attachment to life force. Red Moon is a nice reference to female fertility and the blood that comes with missed opportunities for creation. It is also an honoring of what women carry, alongside the ability to nest an embryo and sustain the species in their wombs, which is a dark loss most of the moon cycles of their life, nothing sunlit about it. We either are women or know women intimately – mothers, sisters, daughters, lovers – but the emotional fullness of menstruation is so tightly woven into our human species it has almost disappeared from notice with all the other modern distractions. The Red Moon wavespell is a remembrance of the way menstruation connects women to the moon and earth, through flow of blood, tidal rage and tears, and an insistence that all those dark emotions not to be taken – lightly.

For you in this time, be tidal and emotional, and let it rise in others. It’s not always pretty, or neat. Feelings spill over, threaten to sully you but after all can be cleaned with cold water. Or warm. The water will be calling you, almost intimately by first name, a certain croon: come in. Baths, rain showers, hot springs, surf riding, dishwater, someone’s spillage from spraying down their car – all will hold a certain fascination for a while. If you want to pay homage, get to the coastline and watch the ocean panic – in and out in a heaving rush. More importantly, see if you can relate. Sense what relating – extreme swings from high to low – does to your body, and your ‘life’: your appointments, to-do lists, relationships, responsibilities. In other words, how does nature – organic, cyclical, circular – affect your civilized self? And are they in harmony?

There is no other wavespell that seems to celebrate emotions, although we have emotional response to all of them. Let your emotions have full prominence and airing, give them a flat bed parade float in this season of finishing spring, school, and losing actual rainfall in the regions where we won’t see storms until autumn. Emotions aren’t always sad or mad; you can laugh until you cry, and cry because you love. Emotions aren’t always female, sissy, although women are expert at them. Red Moon is somehow a time to celebrate the female, not just the life she creates but the deaths she sustains. You can celebrate the female inside yourself, if you’re a man, but maybe it’s as important and transformative to look at the women you love – or sometimes hate/fear for the emotional discomfort they stir in you – and take them into your arms. We just had 13 days of honoring the Yellow Warrior, the masculine defense strategy that keeps women, and children, from harm. Now is the flip side, the inside, the deepest vulnerability.

Jose Arguelles chose three words to describe the Red Moon. Its power is Universal Water, a double entendre of how water is everywhere, and is affected by the universe. The sun makes it evaporate, the absence of sun makes it condense to rain. The moon as described pulls it in different directions, some investment banker allotting high tides here, low there, hopefully in balance. We move through the solar system and the water congeals in snow sometimes, floods in monsoon others. Water on earth demonstrates our relationship to other planetary bodies and the passage between them. Again, the water inside us is just mimicry of the same. We humans journey by each other, sometimes in very close proximity, and our tides, hot and cold fronts, begin to shift. We feel things, warm or cold hearted, fluid or frozen. When something is ‘universal’, it is considered the same everywhere, shared by all. For all our differences – hairstyle, voting record, genitalia – we are all actually very wet, very watery. They say we’re 90 percent water at birth, 70 percent in middle age and only 50 percent at death’s door. Maybe the Fountain of Life is just a place to beg for a refill. Try out the metaphor and defy aging by getting wetter.

Red Moon’s action is to Purify. ‘Pure’ is defined as being clean, mere, simple, unmixed, free of any extraneous matter. If we have determined that emotions are an embodiment of tidal forces, the lunar phases, then it’s nice to view them also as the means to purity. To be clean, ‘mere’ – which is so much like humble – simple and free, we let the emotions run through us, washing away extraneous matter. We tend to hold onto matter – Not extraneous at all! Everyone should have a storage unit for things they don’t use! I need shoes for every outfit! – but maybe now we would rather get wet. Interpret that phrase anyway you like to build its appeal. The coastal tides will deliver a lot of matter, sometimes, the logjam of driftwood, or make it all disappear. You are not being asked to let go of all your stuff, just the blockages.

The essence is Flow, as in, go with it. That phrase, so hippie-dippy or New Age-lightworker, has a deeper resonance right now. To ‘go with the flow’ doesn’t mean to dissipate in all directions or to defy boundaries; you would evaporate, alone, to nothing. It’s rather about following the graceful curve of natural borderlines, as a river would trail down a ravine, and joining all the other water molecules there in tandem. Water is a conduit for our understanding of more invisible currents: there is a similar flow in karmic relationships, right livelihood, all life. Go with, not against, and if you feel hopelessly unskilled at finding the flow, don’t get out of the water: grab someone’s hand.

Remembering Yellow Warrior
Last Wavespell’s Learning

How did you fight? And how were you fearless? These are the polarizing questions of war. The Warrior wavespell held a lot of questions, tons of inner inquiry – Why is it always like this? What am I supposed to do now? Does he/she love me, love me not? – which is a tip off to our modernized defense system: the ego. The inner critic, sometimes projected outward onto loved ones, had a lot of nagging doubt for the past 13 days. So much mental chatter, near obsession. We are all worried, trying to stay safe, and no longer used to ensuring we get our needs met with arrowheads and sharpened swords.

The benefit of the Warrior time is you found out what you were really fighting for, what you want to protect at all costs. The other benefit is that you were extremely brave, at least once breaking through barriers, headstrong, determined, courageous. You probably feel a little wartorn in its aftermath, again that duality of a hard line of defense and the vulnerable inlay you needed to save. War is not peace, after all, and it was a restless, uncomfortable passage. But by having fully invested in the disharmony of the Yellow Warrior wavespell, a 13-day tour into your own life or death consequences, you endured its pivotal passage. Now war is over.