Resonant Truth seeks to connect isolated individuals spellbound by Mayan mystical teachings across the globe, particularly newcomers who need daily support in following the cycles.

The website and Lisa Star’s work are designed to inspire a true spiritual path – as encompassing and enduring as other world religions – from the sacred cycles of the Maya as resurrected by Jose Arguelles.

Resonant Truth describes the Maya as ascended angels who offer their spiritual legacy to us through etheric channels, available to any in need, and in the spell of their calendars.

Arguelles mischievously changed the common phrase, ‘Time is money,’ to the Natural Time mantra, ‘Time is Art.’ Resonant Truth offers a calendar alternative to our Gregorian 12-month year, which is based on outdated commercial and political bureaucracy. Instead, the passage of time is an evolving wonder where we are both artist and observer of a divine art creation.

Resonant Truth is the teaching of spiritual dedication that makes every waking day a passion, an adventure in beauty and cosmic alignment. We don’t forget our material world, but we sense it infused with spiritual magic and are renewed.