WS Lisa Star6I live in the faith of Natural Time. It allows me to access rhythms much deeper and more organic than our broken Gregorian months. It gives a meaning to the days that elapse that is broader than our cultural identifications with weekdays and weekends, a payday and a holiday. It allows time to be a fluid experience of building and breaking – like a wave – rather than a measure that separates and binds, like a calendar grid. I am female and I embrace a calendar that is born out of the cycles of my body but also, magically, correlates with our earth’s interplay with the masculine energy of the sun.

The calendar is for men, women and children. It is full of beauty in the language of the day names, full of reverence for nature and the organic life of plants, animals and the cosmos. It is a way to connect with the lost indigenous cultures that pre-existed Gregorian, linear, church-decreed time. It is a way to play with magic. It is a natural rhythm that crests in an upswell of amazing synchronicity, dissolves to take us deeper into our own core – and each other’s – and reforms once more for another cycle of spectacular transformation.

The Maya used an expression to greet each other and the energy of each new day: reflecting on the natural world of plants, animals, the cosmos and humanity, they would say, in lake’ch, ‘I am another yourself.’ I invite you into a world of mirrors that will remind you of your own beauty and resonance as a brilliant thread in the larger weave.